Structural changes in Vendeavour and a new acquisition

08 / 07 / 2021

In early July, another important acquisition was completed and planned structural changes in the Vendeavour Group were initiated.

The most important change is the structural division of the group into two separate asset sub-groups. The first sub-group containing the parent company Vendeavour a.s. will be deposited into the Vendeavour Private Equity Fund SICAV a.s. ( qualified investors’ fund in the coming months, as we announced in our article of 1 January 2021.

The portfolio of manufacturing companies in this sub-group includes food: GASTRO – MENU EXPRESS a.s., DRUID CZ s.r.o., TANY, spol. s.r.o., ČESKÉ HOUBY a.s., AJALA s.r.o. producers as well as CM Trade Via s.r.o., a manufacturer and distributor primarily of allergy relief equipment and products.

As of today, the second sub-group includes the other companies from the original group, now united in a joint-stock company named Vendeavour Rose Garden a.s. These companies include e.g. Promedeus s.r.o., MARKOL FOOD s.r.o. and the newly acquired company It’s my life Diets s.r.o., which manages an eponymous keto diet e-shop. We plan on further developing the company both economically and conceptually and connecting it to other planned projects in e.g. ready-made meals.

Both sub-groups of the Vendeavour Group continue to share the mission and direction set forth by our founder Viktor Růžička MD.

Vendeavour Service a.s.