CM Trade Via s.r.o. is no longer part of the Group.

22 / 06 / 2022

At the end of May, we successfully completed the divestment of one of our companies. CM Trade Via s.r.o. was part of the Vendeavour Group since May 2019. Over the three-year period, we guided the company through a period of growth and change at the management level, including its visual identity.

At this stage, the company also established close cooperation with Promedeus s.r.o. and upgraded its online store and advisory portal

To increase its development potential, we decided to use the opportunity and hand over the company to a new owner. Thus it will be able to further expand its activities in the retail and e-commerce industry. We are glad to have been a part of CM Trade Via’s history. We would like to wish the company every success and progressive growth in its future business endeavours.

In the nearest future, we plan to effectively reinvest the raised capital in key acquisition projects of the VENDEAVOUR SICAV fund.

Vendeavour Service a.s.