Chateau Luka

Chateau Luka nad Jihlavou dates to the early 16th century. The chateau is mentioned in historical records from ca. 1560 as an independent manor farm owned by the Zahrádecký family of Zahrádky. According to some records, the chateau may have served as a military fortress in 1607.

The chateau took on its current appearance after an eight-year general reconstruction, which was launched in 1998. Thanks to extraordinary attention and a passion for details, the chateau buildings – from the façade all the way to the elaborate interiors – were restored to their original condition. The chateau is surrounded by a 19-hectare park. It is located between Prague and Brno, just a 10-minute drive from the main highway, and is an ideal venue for private and corporate events, which is a service that Chateau Luka offers.