Vendeavour Group mission

18 / 05 / 2020

Our group seeks to help find a way to change modern humans’ long-standing yet unsustainable lifestyle.

Food industry

We are building a group of traditional food industry producers which are continually refining their own portfolios while also searching for plant-based alternatives that can fully replace animal products one day, so that we can move away from the untenable ways of the past. We develop and produce plant-based food alternatives under the unifying brand SINEA.


Along with solely plant-sourced foods, we are also dedicated to finding ways of stopping the devastation of the planet’s oceans through industrial fishing and replacing it with sustainable farming of fish and seafood. We are engaged in aquaponics – a system that combines fish farming and soilless vegetable cultivation using recycled water. Our aim is to market fish and fish products whose quality and taste equal that of wild salt and freshwater fish and seafood, which we believe humans must stop plundering. Our final goal is to help ban industrial fishing.

„It all started with the idea of creating a network of collaborating companies that would enrich one another.“

Wherever it is necessary or appropriate to use animal-based ingredients, we want to promote the development of technology to obtain them from alternative sources.

Medicine and natural sciences

Our group’s third business area – medicine and the natural sciences – relates to our main theme. Our work ranges from distribution of innovative medical technology and meeting the needs of people with allergies to new projects in organic chemistry and analytical laboratory work in pharmaceuticals, the environment, industry, feed, fertilizers and the food industry.

MUDr. Viktor Růžička
Zakladatel / Founder