Historic milestone for VENDEAVOUR SICAV

01 / 09 / 2021

We have made a significant, carefully prepared change in the structure of the Vendeavour holding.

As planned, on 31 August, we transferred 100% of the total value of shares of the Vendeavour a.s. holding and all its subsidiaries to the VENDEAVOUR SICAV growth investment fund. As part of the organizational change, we introduced GASTRO-MENU EXPRESS a.s, DRUID CZ s.r.o., České houby a.s., AJALA s.r.o., TANY, spol. s.r.o. and CM trade Via s.r.o. to the fund.

This is a very significant step in the history of the holding and the fund, taken less than one year after takeover by its founder MUDr. Viktor Růžička. But our development does not end here. On the contrary, we are planning further acquisitions with great potential – as well as further growth. In line with the fund’s investment strategy, we will continue focusing on the topics resonating with the Vendeavour holding, with an emphasis on innovation, accountability and sustainability.

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